I am a 24 year old girl, trying to muddle her way though life in London. My aim here is to be as brutally honest with you as possible. Expect anecdotes from my life involving poo, disastrous dates, litres of gin and poor decisions (often all at the same time).

If you enjoyed this blog and I made you laugh, please follow me and share with your friends.

In return, rest assured that whatever embarrassing thing you have done… I will have done something worse.

G x

Keeping it real since 1991
Keeping it real since 1991

12 thoughts on “About

  1. I love it :). Your blog is so original, organic and HILARIOUS. Reading your posts, feels like I’m reading a short story, one that’s filled with laughter around every corner. Haha will continue to follow you :). Do you have a twitter account by any chance that I could follow?

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    1. Hello! Thanks so much, that’s so so lovely to hear. I do have a Twitter account- gfernie1 but tend to forget I have it!!! New blog post should be up tomorrow xx


  2. Love it 🙂 Your posts make it feel like the reader (me), is right there watching your life unfold with funny side effects. Will definitely be following you :). Do you have a twitter by any chance?

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  3. Hi Gabby,

    My Dad spoke to your Dad and he told him about your blog and I have just been having a look and it is bloody brilliant!!! I hope all is going well in London? Can’t wait for the next blog.

    Dad sends his love

    Gemma xxx

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    1. Hey Gemma!
      Thanks so much! 🙂 Brilliant to hear from you.
      Well, I have spent the entire weekend disgracing myself (I blame the rugby) so another should be up soon!

      All well here thank you, where abouts are you based now?

      Lots of love to Ian! Xxx


      1. Hey lovely,

        The Rugby has a lot to answer for!! I am based between Wetherby and Cheltenham at the moment. We are at the literature festival here in Cheltenham this weekend and hope to be coming to see you at it next year?! Xxxx


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