An invitation…

To my beautiful blog followers,

My sordid memoir hits the shelves next week, which can only mean one thing… TIME TO GET SHIT-FACED! YIPPEE! 


Please come and join me at my launch party on Friday 17th August, at The Bigmoose Cafe, Cardiff. 

I’ll be reading, nay PERFORMING, a couple of chapters from the book and sharing my rather eventful experience of writing it. This includes renting a cottage in Cornwall for two weeks on my own, with the romantic notion of writing the whole book whilst gazing out at sea (unfortunately coming down with a raging tooth infection, getting completely mashed off my antibiotics and not once putting pen to paper), hunting down my hero Jilly Cooper and getting in contact with all of my ex-lovers to try and persuade them to sign waivers. HAHA SUCH FUN! 

Following this, there shall be a Q+A (poo questions allowed), a book signing and the chance to meet my boyfriend, Nigel. 


He’s pretty excited. 

Details/tickets can be found here

Thank you all so much for sticking with my mad and filthy ramblings over the years… it’s fair to say that none of this would have happened without you. 

Lots of love 

G xxx

PS: ‘Lush: A True Story, Soaked In Gin’ will be available to buy in Waterstones stores from Thursday 16th August. Also available to order online 

PPS: Stay tuned to my Twitter @gfernie1 for details of upcoming London events! 


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